Military presentations and Military gifts

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Our Speciality

Since 2018 our range of military presentations and military gifts has almost doubled in size, we currently have around 85 different bronze resin and pewter models in stock offering the widest range in the area.

Our models are either made locally at our workshop or they are made by 2 other companies in the UK that we work very closely with not just on the current range but also on new models for the future making sure that everything we produce is high quality whilst keeping our prices affordable.

All our new models are made by skilled model makers and sculptors.

Once this process is complete we produce a silicone mould of the model which captures every bit of detail from the master and allowing us to produce them in cold cast bronze resin or pewter getting them perfect every time they come out the mould.

For our local customers we have one of each of the models on display in the shop for them to come and see the range and choose what they'd like for their colleagues that are leaving or moving on.

However for those not so local you can have a look at our online shop where you can see good quality images with descriptions and sizes.

You can buy, personalise and order your presentations and we will deliver them to you within a few days via a reputable and secure courier.

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