Shoe repairs

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All Types of Shoe Repaired

We have a fully functioning shoe repair workshop offering all types of shoe repairs.

From ladies stiletto heels to gents full leather soles and everything in between.


All Types of Shoe Repaired

We re-sole Altberg and Lowa boots with Vibram soles, From £49.95 a pair and only requiring 3 working days to do we will have you tabbing in comfort in no time at all!

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With a wealth of experience and skill we have built our reputation by taking on the jobs that most will turn away! If they are comfortable and worth a bit of money we can get your favourite shoes or boots back to the best they can be!

Shoe care


kiwi shoe polish tidworth shoe repairs

We keep a full range of Kiwi polish in stock in both normal and parade gloss and now that Kiwi have limited their colours we keep analternative quality polish in all other colours.

Altberg Ledder Gloss

altberg ledder glos brown boot polish army boots ledder gris

Although some prefer Kiwi Brown, we recommend to get the colour match spot on with a shine using the genuine Altberg Ledder Gloss polish for your military boots.


insoles kiwi polish airplus sundries

We keep in a small selection of insoles to suit all needs, from the basic foam insoles to leather to Biontech ranging from £2.99 to £29.99

Leather Luster

leather luster shoe paint no need to polish just paint

Leather Luster is a special formula in liquid form. Once applied to a leather article, it will give you a high gloss finish, taking the place of the old method of having to "spit shine" or use patent leather articles. Leather Luster is guaranteed not to crack, peel or harm the leather in any way and it lasts not for a week, month or a year but for the life of the leather product.



We hold stock of small on/off twin pack brushes for the everyday polishing of shoes and also professional horse hair brushes in 3 different sizes which are excellent for getting a great shine!

Shoe Creams


We hold a stock of very basic colours in shoe cream for those who prefer to use it and we have colour charts full of all colours which can be ordered in.